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Theodor the Grolar Bear by Lig28 Theodor the Grolar Bear by Lig28
Came up with a brand new fur character and a brand new Fur universe to go with him. ^^ As always with new aspects to stuff info on his world and such first and then Ted here specifically.

The Anthero are an amalgam race of genetically modified humans ranging in appearance through most of the animal Kingdom. They were created in 2072 when a military bio-agent was released into the environment. Due to it's point of dispersal it quickly spread world wide. Today every nation on Earth has major populations of Anthero as well as humans. In the 70 years since the Anthero have come a long way securing their rights and even founding their own nation of Amalia on a Geoformed island in the pacific. Amalia is a rising world power being largely self sufficient. It's space agency being less than a year away from their first manned lunar mission and providing equipment and some personnel for the international Mars mission to take place two years after. This swift rise has however engendered some animosity from other nations and in many areas there is still an undercurrent of specism on both sides. Radicals believing the Anthero should be subjugated or purged from the world as well as Anthero believing themselves the superior race and that humanity should make way for them. But overall most Humans and Anthero are capable of getting along fairly well.

Physiologically all Anthero are humanoid in form in general though many have digigrade legs. Biologically Anthero vary but can be grouped. Felines, Canines, Avians, Lizards, snakes, Cetaceans, Equine, Ursus, and Rodents to name some of the major groups. Each group has a variety of subgroups. Lions,Tigers, Panthers, and house cats to name a few Feline. Individuals within a major group can produce "Hybrid" offspring. Individuals for differing groups are still capable of having children though the child will be one of the parent species rather than a "hybrid". This said it is common for these children to inherit the coloration of the other parent or blend the two color schemes. It is possible for a Human and Anthero to interbreed as well. The offspring are typically mostly human in appearance save for ears, claws, and tails. Sometimes the nose shape differs as well.

Theodor or Ted as most of his friends call him is a relatively nice and out going Grolar bear. His Mother being a Grizzly and Father a Polar bear. Ted tends to get on well with others most of the time though does get a bit blushy on some subjects such as his continence issues. Since Ted's worn diapers his entire life he doesn't usually think much of them though is keenly aware that this isn't the norm and does tend to worry about what others think. He's often picked on about it by some of his class mates though fortunately most have since stopped caring. Interest wise Ted has a nice collection of comics and movies with a preference for Scifi and horror. Aside from that he does still enjoy some cubby things though only a few close friends know that.

Well hope you guys liked the pic and info. ^^
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May 18, 2013
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