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Keeping in Shape by Lig28 Keeping in Shape by Lig28
Ah and here we have a nice lil revisit of my old Horse character Achak. ^^

The day was sunny with only a few puffy white clouds in the sky as Achak made his rounds around the Park. Achak wanted to keep in shape as it was getting near time for the Track events at school to start up again and he wanted to be in peek form. He loved getting out and going for a walk or a run. He always felt best when in motion and if he had to be still he at least liked his mind to be occupied which was why his back pack always contained at least one novel he'd been reading. Achak had taken to wrapping his arms and hands today not because they were hurt mind you but because he planed on jumping a few things here and there like the fence around his place and they prevented splinters. On top of that he thought they looked cool. He'd even taking to wrapping his tail a bit. So far he'd been making rounds about the Park for over and hour only stopping at a drinking fountain now and then and thus far was completely oblivious to the effect his hydration was having on his diaper.

"Hey Achak! Looks like we had the same idea." Said a tan scaled and red feathered Raptor that jogged to catch up with him.

"Hey Spencer. Guess you wanted to be ready for Track too huh?" Achak asked with a grin.

"Yup gotta keep in shape. I don't wanna fall behind you in a race. Never a good idea being down wind of a crinkle colt." Spencer said with a light laugh.

"Heh like Raptors smell any better. I'm gonna be your time this year Spence." Achak told him as they continued down the path.

"Really now? What do ya say to a race? First one to the next bench wins? I'll even give you a head start cuz you've been at this longer this morning." Spencer said with a smirk.

"Heh your on Feather tail! Go!" Achack laughed and dashed down the path.

"Hey head start!" Spencer laughed too as he gave chase after the horse hoping to catch up. No matter who won this race it was clear there would be boasting afterwards and that whoever their team was up against this year wasn't going to have it easy.

Well hope you guys liked the pic and the lil story. ^^
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May 18, 2013
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