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Cutest When Asleep by Lig28 Cutest When Asleep by Lig28
Here we have a new pic of my Gorilla Toby because well there aren't enough cute primate furs. ^^

Toby sat on the couch slumped back eyes closed with his pacifier gently bobbing in his mouth. Toby had been trying to stay up to watch all the Robocop movies but had not succeeded. It'd been little while now since the young Gorilla had been placed in diapers full time. Before he'd been in training pants and trying to keep his own accidents a secret by being otherwise as tough as he could. But as his accidents grew worse and more frequent he was switched to diapers. On the one hand Toby hated it. He was having a hard time keeping it secret. This wasn't Denshire Falls after all and diaper users weren't the majority here. Diaper users tended to get teased and Toby didn't wanna be picked on. Even if he did like the diapers even if he had kept using a pacifier. Toby dreamed away as he sat on the couch about when he was a lil tyke for real. As he dreamed of his toddler days his Mom smiled at the sight of her son and he couldn't help but notice as she took a picture with her phone that Toby's diaper had grown rather soggy. Just as she put it away Toby's blue green eyes opened sleepily. He didn't protest as he was scooped up by his mom and carried up to his room. He was nearly asleep again as she changed him before tucking him into bed. Toby didn't know that things might be about to change for him. His mother was looking into ways to make her son more comfortable with his diaper needs and meanwhile at school a few former friends were beginning to have suspicions. What would the next few days bring for him? Only time would tell.

Well hope you guys liked the pic and the lil story. ^^
KawaiiKemonomimi Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2013
Awww he's so adorable! Primates definately don't get a lot of love.
Kittycatjorjor Featured By Owner May 16, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
This picture brings me back O.O...One night i pulled an all-nighter and the next day i had an eye doctors appointment. There were people sitting next to me and i could of swore they were whispering "look at that little girl falling asleep! she looks like a baby gorilla!" mom said nobody said that...O.O
Theevilchiquite Featured By Owner May 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
whoa weird and awesome
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